MPI Privilege®

MPI Privilege® System

Spiral System Design

The double inlet spiral, its optimal spacing, as well as the micro-spiral, allow a controlled and continuous implant drive in all bone quality situations


Apical Anatomical Design

The conical morphology of the apical third allows atraumatic placement of MPI Privilege® implants

The four cutting blades promote self-threading and condense the bone for high initial stability.

Surface treatment

The surface’s micro-structure favours osteoblasts’ adhesion, which are responsible for bone formation.
This accelerates the acceptance of the treated surface and thus the osseointegration of the implant.

Handling and Reaction Margin

In order to be able to react and stop bacterial colonisation in the early stages, MPI has designed a smooth machined surface in the upper area of the implant, which will facilitate the treatment of the coronal area in case of idiopathic colonisation in case of these colonisations.

High-Performance Titanium

The structure of the implant is reinforced by the use of cold-formed Grade 4 titanium of German origin.
The high-quality requirements for the raw material increase the hardness of the titanium by 20% compared to conventional Grade 4 titanium.
The minimum hardness of MPI’s raw material is 875 MPa.

Mount Design

The MPI Privilege® line of implants features an innovative mount design that makes it easier for the clinician to perform surgery.