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About us

As a German manufacturer of reference and pioneering manufacturer in central Spain, Medical Precision Implants, S.A. is a company created in 2008, which offers its customers its exclusive know-how, based on the experience of its first-class professionals.

In order to offer its products and services to the international medical-surgical implant industry, MPI develops a close relationship with its customers and helps them find solutions that exceed their expectations.

Its zero-defect maxim ensured through rigorous quality control procedures in design and throughout the entire production and processing chain, makes its products the professional’s peace of mind.

Its entrepreneurial style, wisely blended with the most modern technologies, places MPI in a position of favourable growth and maximum expansion.


All the material used in the manufacture of our products is of German origin. Through rigorous validation and release, MPI guarantees the highest quality standards.


MPI evolves under the maxim of Continuous Improvement. Its state-of-the-art technology, together with the constant development of the R&D&I department, results in robust and efficient solutions.


MPI is science applied to health, which is why we have a space designed to optimise processes and obtain first class results.

MPI All-In® System

MPI Excellence® System

MPI Privilege® Implant System

MPI Short® System

MPI Orthodontic® System


Ethics and Social Responsibility

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