Surgical Instruments

Discover our range of surgical instruments and select the alternative that best suits your situation. MPI has developed a variety of attachments to solve your cases in a precise and satisfactory way.

Surgical drills

Depth markings on MPI Privilege® Cylindrical Drills. They provide precise visual guidance during procedures, ensuring optimal depth of cut every time.

Surgical drills

These depth marks on the conical drills act as orientation points, ensuring consistent and adequate depth for MPI All-In® and MPI Excellence® systems.

Surgical drills

These indicators on the MPI Short® cylindrical drills facilitate depth measurement and control during procedures.

Large Surgical Box

Specially designed to perform advanced surgical procedures, this box includes a comprehensive set of 45 versatile instruments for multiple implant systems, ensuring excellence in highly complex surgeries.

Basic surgical box

Contains all the necessary resources to perform most dental surgeries.

Drill stops

Created to guarantee and speed up the surgical process.

Designed to secure and simplify surgeries.

Implantology engine

NSK Surgic Pro

A precision tool designed to offer control and efficiency in implant dentistry procedures.

Ultrasonic surgery system

NSK VarioSurg3

An innovative solution for performing surgical procedures with greater precision and less invasiveness, enabling faster recovery and exceptional results.