MPI Orthodontic® System.

MPI Orthodontic® System


Coronal Mini-Implant Disjunction Coronal Design

Hexagonal head prevents irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth.
Threadless mucosal collar for optimal adaptation to the gingiva.
Neck designed for optimal gingival adaptation.

Spiral System Design

The design of the coils improves the tensile strength and guarantees excellent primary stability; it can be loaded immediately without any healing phase and promotes the quality of the anchorage.

Apical Design

Its self-drilling and self-tapping tip design makes it easy to insert, avoiding the need for pre-drilling.

Coronal Design Mini-Implant Orthodontics:
Hexagonal geometry with grooves that allow the insertion of dental archwires and their fixation with metal ligatures.
1 mm diameter hole for use with various orthodontic elements such as elastic wire, back ligatures, etc.

Polished surface

Surface polished MPI mini-implants do not osseointegrate, favouring their removal after treatment.

High-Performance Titanium

The structure of the mini-implants is reinforced by the use of cold-formed Grade IV titanium of German origin.
The quality requirements set by MPI increase the strength of the material by 20% over conventional Grade IV titanium for higher tensile strength and load-carrying capacity.