MPI Short System

MPI Short® System

MPI Short® implants expand the range of surgical solutions for complex cases with low bone heights.

Dentsts dental prosthetic teeth, gums, roots teaching student model with titanium metal screw implant.

These implants minimise the need for bone grafting techniques and this means:

  • Lower-cost surgery.
  • Reduced waiting and treatment times.
  • Simpler alternative with less risk of failure.

Crown design

Designed with a micro-spiral to reduce vertical crestal bone resorption. Improves load distribution and fatigue strength. The design allows for higher initial stability values due to the osteotome effect generated during placement. Platform change is ensured by the machined 0.4 mm bevel, which creates a biological width that helps preserve bone levels.

Spiral System Design

The double-entry spiral allows for easy and continuous implant insertion. Active, self-tapping threads that increase in the apical direction gradually condense the bone, resulting in high initial stability coefficients in all bone densities.

Apical Anatomical Design

Its helical self-tapping threads allow axial condensation of the bone, achieving a gradual osteotome effect.

Connection design

The double internal hexagon allows for quick and tight insertion of the prosthetic components, specifically manufactured for this connection. Its 22° cone closure eliminates the possibility of bacterial leakage, making it suitable for low bone levels.

Handling and Reaction Margin

MPI has designed a machined surface in the crown area of the implant to be able to react to bacterial colonisation in the early stages.

Surface treatment

The MPI Short® has a double surface treatment, which generates macro and micro-roughness, resulting in optimal roughness for fast and durable osseointegration.

High-performance titanium

The grade IV titanium used for MPI Short® implants is cold-formed. This treatment of the material improves its hardness by 20%, thus increasing the implant’s resistance to higher insertion torques. Material of German or Swiss origin.

Prosthetic components

In this type of implant, a correct restoration is a key factor. MPI offers a prosthetic solution specifically for this connection.

MPI Short® implants are available in three lengths to allow dental rehabilitation for different bone heights.