Smart CAD-CAM Prothestic Solution on Implants

Siewert Bridge™ Solution, Prothèse implanto-portée à base de PEEK

SIEWERT BRIDGE™ offers a clinically proven alternative approach using PEEK high performance polymer.
The first level is a PEEK bridge structure with the support on the multi-units, the screws and the chimney of the screws milled directly in PEEK. The second level is the abrasion resistant ceramic coating with fine individual Zirconia sleeves.

The adhesive bond between PEEK and ceramic is absolutely safe and durable.


Dental Laboratory

  • The work flow is simple and fully digital.
  • There is no manual skill or work time necessary.
  • If desired pink aesthetics in form of an ultra thin layer of gingiva colored composite are easily applied.
  • Compatible with CAD-CAM systems.
  • Although each bridge is 100% individual, the fabrication process is 100% industrial and therefore more reliable. than conventional prosthetics.


  • Same work development as in a conventional one.
  • Precise and stress-free passive fit.
  • Decementation of metal bushings or corrosion is avoided.
  • A fractured sleeve can be easily re-milled thanks to the screw chucks.
  • Fast and immediate fabrication with SIEWERT BRIDGE™ STL file and exclusive SIEWERT SCREW screws.


  • It´s very aesthetic due to the high translucency of the ceramic sleeves, achieving a high gloss on the surface.
  • It´s extremely lightweight.
  • Very natural chewing sensation and doesn´t last.SIEWERT
  • PEEK is inert and it´s properties are maintained over time.
  • It´s biocompatible, without metals or pigments.


Clinical evidence

Bridge construted following the SIEWERT BRIDGE principles during the last five years turned out to be a realiable solution concerning the following items:

  • No screw loosening or screw fracture.
  • No chipping in the ceramic Ti-Base.
  • Stable cervical bone around the implants.
  • No fractures in any part of the Yunyi PEEK framework.
  • No changes due to abrasion in the occlusion.
  • High patient satisfaction due to the shock absorbing properties of the Yunyi PEEK.
  • Guaranteed passive fit upon the multi-unit abutments in the patients mouth.


Work process


Siewert Bridge