MPI Short®

MPI Short® System


MPI Short® Implants expand the range of surgical solutions for complex cases of low bone heights.

These implants minimize the need for bone grafting techniques and this means:

  • Lower cost surgery.
  • Reduction of waiting and treatment times.
  • Simpler alternative with lower risk of failure.

Product features:

  • Microspiral in the coronal area that helps reduce resorption of the bone crest.
  • Height of the active threads that allow optimal anchoring in reduced bone situations.
  • Helical-shaped self-tapping.
  • Maximum resistance due to the use of cold-formed Grade IV Titanium.
  • Placement is done with the carriers directly to the implant.
  • Indicated for restorations in the posterior area with reduced bone height.

MPI Short® Implants are offered in three lengths that allow dental rehabilitation for different bone heights.

MPI Short® System