MPI Privilege® System

MPI Privilege® Implant System

The main objective in designing the MPI Privilege® Implant System was to create a versatile line of implants with an extremely wide range of application.

The state-of-the-art MPI Privilege® implants, grant the highest safety levels.

MPI Privilege Implant System

Thread Design

The double entrance of the threads, their optimal distance as well as the microspiral, permits the clinician a controlled and continued insertion of the implant in any type of osseous quality.

Anatomic apical design

The conical morphology of the apical part allows an atraumatic insertion of the MPI Privilege implants. The design is ideal for unitarian toothless gaps between teeth with apical convergences.

The initial stability is achieved though an osteotome effect in undersized implant beds.

The four cutting sides favour the auto-insertion and condense the bone obtaining an excellent initial stability.

Superficial treatment

The micro-structure of the surface acts in favour of the adhesion of the osteoblasts, responsible for the formation of the bone. In this way the acceptance of the treated surface is speeded up and thus the osteo-integration of the implant improved.

Leeway to manoeuvre and react

In order to be able to react and stop bacterial colonizations in early stages, the coronal neck has no surface treatment. Decontamination processes are more effective and faster and a minimization of the bone loss is granted.

High performance titanium

The implant structure is reinforced by the use of Titanium Grade 4 cold drawn bars of German origin. The quality requirements established by MPI increase the resistance of the material by 20% regarding conventional Titanium Grade 4 (min. 875 MPa).

Mount design

The "MPI Privilege implants" line, counts with an innovative mount design, which facilitates the surgical work of the clinician.

The main advantages are the following: