Collagen Resorbable Membrane

Native collagen membrane of equine origin with barrier function and high stability. The optimal results obtained are due to its rough and porous three-dimensional structure, together with the balance of the controlled barrier function and the degradation time without inflammatory reaction of the soft tissue.


  • Controlled wound healing and blood clot support.
  • Medium-term barrier function for GBR / GTR procedures.
  • Resorption time approximately 2-3 months.
  • Fast degradation in case of exposure.
  • Easy application in dry or wet environment.
  • It can be trimmed to the necessary extent.
  • Rough and porous structure for tissue guide.
  • Collagen structure with interwoven fibers.

Indicated for

  • Breast lift.
  • Conservation of the cavity.
  • Increase in horizontal and / or vertical crest.
  • Simultaneous use GBR / GTR with bone graft material.
  • Periodontal bone defects.
  • Fenestration defects.