Bio-Active Nanocrystalline Synthetic Paste for Bone Filler

SinossInject is a pasty injectable and nanocristalline bone graft material with high bioactivity in a ready to use syringe. The unique homogenous bone graft material of 100% hydroxyapatite provides a high bioactive regeneration. SinossInject supports the formation of new vital bone, maintains volume and mechanical stability and is gradually replaced by mature new bone.

The highly viscous SinossInject paste allows perfect shaping, molding, fitting and complete bone bonding to the surrounding bone surface of the defect.


  • Injectable, easy handling.
  • 100% synthetic, resorbable, safe.
  • Mechanical and volume stability.
  • Viscous and moldable.
  • Nano-active crystals 100% HA.
  • Osteoconductor.
  • Ultra high interconnection porosity.
  • It has no blood washing effect.
  • Resorption between 10-12 months.

Indicated for

  • Breast lift.
  • Post-extraction socket.
  • Alveolar flange augmentation.
  • Bone defect.
  • Intraosseous defect.
  • Furca defect.