HA + TCP Synthetic Material for Bone Graft

SinossGraft is an innovative, safe, pure, reliable and fully synthetic bone graft material in a porous matrix form similar to that of cancellous bone for controlled resorption. The homogenous composition of 75% hydroxyapatite (HA) and 25% beta-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) results in two mineral phases of bioactivity: it supports the formation of new vital bone and maintains the volume and mechanical stabillity over a long time period.


  • Synthetic, resorbable & safe.
  • 75% HA / 25% beta.
  • TCP controlled reabsorption.
  • Mechanical and osseoconductive volume stability.
  • High interconnective porosity (80%).
  • Macroporosity - Microporosity.
  • Spongy structure.
  • Pore size: 200-500 microns.
  • Full resorption in 16-24 months.

Indicated for

  • Breast lift.
  • Post-extraction socket.
  • Alveolar flange augmentation.
  • Bone defect.
  • Intraosseous defect.
  • Furca defect.