Collagen Resorbable Sponge

SinossFleece is a reabsorbable sponge composed of 99% of type I collagen of porcine origin. It offers rapid absorption and high biocompatibility, easy handling and excellent hemostasis to reduce the problems of conventional treatments.

SinossFleece is the ultimate solution for effective soft tissue treatment: it promotes wound healing by creating a short-term barrier of approximately 4 weeks. It allows bleeding control, blood clot stabilization and protects the wound to facilitate the healing process.


  • Easy cut in length, width and thickness.
  • Accelerated wound healing.
  • Fast degradation (about 30 days).
  • Good adhesive properties even in the wet, blood-soaked state.
  • No removal and therefore no second intervention necessary.
  • Tension-free wound closure necessary.
  • Good integration into soft tissue or supports soft tissue regeneration.
  • Collagen matrix is stable even when wet.
  • Stable pH value.

Indicated for

  • Protect the Schneider membrane before inserting the injectors.
  • Closure of injected zones.
  • Minor oral wounds.
  • Extraction sites.
  • Mucosal flaps.
  • Biopsy zones.
  • Closing windows in breast lift.
  • Periodontal bone defects.
  • Stabilization of the blood clot in bone defects.