Great Success of Participation in the Mpi Privilege Implant Course Made in Collaboration with Coppel Dental Academy
November, 2012

The "MPI Privilege Implant Course with Surgery on Patients" organized by MPI last October in Madrid, has been well received by our clinicias, so that all the available seats were sold out.

The course has had a first-rate teaching staff, headed by Dr. Antonio Fernandez Coppel (Coppel Dental Academy) and the prosthetic part guided by the Dr.Mario Mauvezin, professor of prosthesis and occlusion of the University of Oviedo.

Attendees were able to have the keynotes of the Canadian clinician reference Dr. Blake Nicolucci, organizer of the World Congress of Implantology who gave a presentation on the different forms of bone reconstruction.

MPI also had the honor of having on October 6th, Dr. Cesar Wheeler, voted Best Teacher of the teaching staff of CEU University of Madrid, 2012. During the 2nd module, conducted between the 19th and 20th, various practices on patients were carried out, which was of great interest to all participants.

In the practical module, the clinicians had the opportunity to place implants in patients, always supervised by faculty, obtaining a basic understanding for implant placement in suitable cases.

MPI also conducted a workshop on human anatomy body in the Anatomic Forensic Institute of Madrid. Facial dissection was endorsed by Professor of Human Anatomy at the University Complutense, Dr. Jose Francisco Rodriguez Vazquez, with a large number of scientific publications in this field.

MPI had the cooperation of the SEI - Spanish Society of implants, the surgical instruments company "Bontempi" and Incotrading the distribution company, which provided the "Piezosurgery".

MPI is grateful for the assistance of all clinicians who attended the MPI Privilege Implant Course.

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