Sales coaching by Medical Precision Implants

Due to the high participation in the I Coaching Course conducted by MPI during the month of June, we will have a second edition, so that everyone who could not get a place during the first course, has the opportunity to assist and improve sales at their clinic.

Aimed at clinical commercials, assistants, receptionists and anyone in direct contact with the patient.


Date: Saturday, October 4, 2014   9:00 - 14:30 h


Location: Madrid



 - Equipping people of clinical tools and skills necessary to the perfect development of their work and thereby increasing productivity and billing, and at the same time  a high degree of satisfaction perceived by the customer. 

- Explication of key consultative selling points, from two points of view:

- WHAT and HOW do we have to do.

- Prepare to be more competitive in an increasingly demanding environment and market.

- Search the reasons why it is worth to chose an implant and learn to present them as personal benefits to the patient.

- Improve the technical service and customer support for current and future loyalty.


For registration - Contact: Virginia Briz - - Tel: 91/684 60 63